Tuesday 24th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant


The pencil skirt with the double fabricin front and back is the sexy element in this look. The openness of the skirt gives the neccesary flow that take us to an elegant and sexy level.

This is new pencil skirt we want. This is the must have of the summer, daytime and night time; I see it with a white shirt for the daytime, and for the evening I would wear it with a bustier.

The clips on the sides , gives the TISCI-GIVENCHY signature. The details of the gold signature in all his pieces sign the collection and makes it his.

The softness of the light blue; softens the look , and falls perfeclty in the spring summer time.


He worked the « Trompe a l’oil » effect; he played the transparence, and made two tops in one. The mousseline softens the hardness of the strong necklace that reminds us a doberman , a wild dog out in the city.

He had a lot of fun doing the « trompe a l’oeil », because we can see that the subtleness of it exemplify with this detailed collection.


This the marriage of both cultures; the asian side and the occident in a very modern and minimalist way. We have the combination of the black and white; a very fashion and cosmopolitan classic. The parisian, the newyorker and the londoner would definetley choose this look for their events; it is a very strong and severe look. We have the  » trompe l’oeil » detail in this looks as well, the tecnique that he has being showing since the beginning of this collection.

The top in lace , makes us think about Japan. The necklace on gold makes an appearance again, to reinforce the runway look, the v neck by itself has the kimono shape that brings the intimate Japan to an occidental woman. From an styling way, he really payed attention to the woman’s body, his association with an stylist’s eye makes us love his passion for women, that clearly shows in this collection.

I am so excited to style his pieces to my inspirations, it is a collection that I can take home and mix it with my own pieces!


The jacket is just simply the piece of the summer, I see a modern smoking perfect for outdoors and spring events. This is masterpiece that will simplify our wardrobes, everything is perfect about this piece, I show my arms, i SHOW MY SEXYNESS , and I can feel comfortable with our without the pants. I find the perfect piece in this look, the vest-jacket, I can see myself wearing it even without nothing inside.

We see the detailed necklace in gold , the signature of this collection, it looks great witht this piece, it adds the strong touch.


Riccardo celebrates the seventies, the asymetric side of this dress is a known piece, very Mireille Darc, or HAlston, taken to the next level, showing the signature in gold. I see this piece as a timeless dress, or even I would wear it as long top.

This is the futuristic woman from the seventies, this is a modern way to mix the seventies with a futuristic view of right now. The presence of gold again, with his hard and thick necklace design, and the little clip that lays in one shoulder , makes this Tisci collection unique and of his own.

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