Thursday 19th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant


ATLF LOOK 1Gorgeous AUDREY NURIT presenting one of the first looks at the CHRISTOPHER KANE SS15, the modernity of the pants, and the simetry and avant-gardism of the bag is what thrilled the ATLF team. We are surprised to see the silhouette of the modern business woman going toward the future in a wearable way. Our goal is to dress the women of today and of course the women of the future.


ATLF LOOK 2The sexy see-through blouse that belongs to every women’s closet is present here, combined with a modern pleated skirt makes the look modern and less conventional. There is an element of modernity which is subtle and  understated, classic yet sexy.


ATLF LOOK 3In the meantime , the ceremony silhouettes scape the traditional shapes to end up in a wonderful shape , leaving space to a creative side to the artist behind the brand. We can see the concept and the respect for the female figure, this dress is a must have and of course a modernity to have it in every closet.



The new suit, composed by the sexy jacquet that brings the kimono element to the look, sexy pants with a new shape , the office-sarouel , a relaxed yet elegant way to see the office hours without looking clumpy, or lazy. Big statement for the nowadays women to incorporate a silhouette that brings confort and elegance to the office.



Another sexy example of the day-to-day , cocktail and day-to-night dress. A must have that re-shapes the classic dress into the mix of a trainer -workout look , into a evening number ready to hit any event or power meeting. This is also very hot with the symmetric bag that adds the dynamic touch to the silhouette. The shoes are also a key element, we are raving about them , and we shot a couple of our favourite ones that emulate the classic sexy woman of all times.


ATLF LOOK 6Concluding with our favourite choices, just the fact of using the off white color as one of the most particular shades of spring , brings the classic element , the timeless and effortless shape that adds the singular pleated detail that made this dress new and modern.Teh pleating, the length and the power shoe, this time in beige.









CARINE ROITFELD and her traditional shape , emulating the sexy factor no matter where, she gets away with murder anytime , knowing the flawless figure, her natural hair and makeup, and the way she carries herself, makes her one of the best dressed women on the planet, specially nowadays , when people really lost the personal style and live copying someone else, she remains always herself.


Maria Luisa

MARIA LUISA is one of the mythical fashion buyers of all time, she has impecable taste and it is an honor for any designer to have her in their fashion show, she knows fashion and specially she knows the fashion market. She has a marvellous corner at the PRINTEMPS in PARIS.


Virginie MouzatAnd finally we spotted another chic woman, she is VIRGINIE MOUZAT, who also looks always impecable , and smart , always respecting a kind of style to herself , she looks always amazing , she knows herself and her figure, her taste and her allure. We love her.

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