Thursday 19th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant


It was such a coincidente , Rihanna had this look at her latest concert that took place a JOBURG, and by the way, we always think that RIHANNA is the hottest and most sexy artist, always setting the trends, and she is also the first in wearing the designers creations.

TEXT by Sophie Levy & Sergio Corvacho

THE WITCH GIRL, this is a really strong look , the makeup and the head piece make a real heavy impact, la mousseline de soir, represents the female modern vampire of the future, but she is also classic, is the kind of woman that we all know through the years. This piece stays as a masterpiece , always current, and avant garde at the same time. This designers aren´t afraid, and that reinforces our strong desire to go all the way with KTZ, and soon he will be available at our multibrand store ATLF.


A wonderful example of the look we dream of, the arabic and ethnic side of fashion. The belt is the secret of the silhouette, this energy takes us to a diferent universe , a universe that will influence the whole entire planet fashion. This designer are redy to kill Rick Owens and all his followers. This shape is fun as well, but it has an enormous sexual charge. The futuristic girl is over for us at ATLF, we find a new femenine beauty in KTZ, this the full entire attitude we have been looking for in a designer.

This is love at first sight , a transparent look out of time, and this is a seduction weapon, a very sexy way to look modern as well, the power of black build with a sexy see through tunic. We feel he worked the swords, and brought the medieval feeling and the female warriors of that era, the warrior divas that were so glamourous without even trying. We are really tired of the political relationship there is between designers and journalists, and this designer, KTZ, gets out of the pattern.





This is « the leather jacket » , the new interpretation of the perfecto, there is an amazing work of leather and metal, the piece of the season, and it has to make an impact as it made it chez nous, at ATLF PARIS , we love KTZ.

This is the type of outfit that left us breathless, she is the type of girl that is always unique, it takes courage but also a lot of femeninity to carry this strong look. Our message to all women , is to be themselves and to be the best version of themselves by being fierce and ferales, and this is the type of look that can take you there, and boost your self confidence.

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