Thursday 19th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant



The white dress of the season.
Why I chose it? Beacuse it is a dress that is completely new, and you can go to a wedding, you can do a Barmitzbah, a Prom, anywhere! This is sexy, and this is what all of us, women, search, to be sexy and gorgeous.
To start with the review, we see JESSICA STAM wearing a mega strong makeup, and she shows us that black, gold and white, are the MARCHESA colors. The hair is also strong with a greco-roman hairdo that evoques a goddess.
MARCHESA makes us dream. It is a brand that takes the classic to a new and modern level. GEORGINA CHAPMAN is capable to blend this two worlds in one. This girl is very succesful in bringing the fashion and modernity to the evening gowns.
This piece of art, couture, is a short dress, which makes it « NOW ». This piece of art it is being treated as a couture dress, but the lenght will let the girl switch from a classic event to a night out. This dress vehicules to the young, fresh and avant-girls.
I would have prefer a gold nail polish, the dark one it is a little to harsh for such a pure and elegance look.
Georgina achives elegance and modernism with this outfit, that to me is one of the three best she shown at the New York Fashion Week.

CARA DELEVIGNE , the hot it girl, makes a runway appereance looking like a true goddess as well.
The dress is beautiful by itself, and airy, light, it will flor like a bird just with a little bit of air.
Here we see a touch of India by adding the pants, to the dress,
Georgina does the same touch that characterizes her by sending the gown to the runway in a melodic and poetic way, the mix of the patterns and the modernity of the look.
The work of embroidery is just magnificent, and give us the impression of a « trompee l’oeil », I have the idea of seeing all this jewelry attached naturally to her, or even better, a girl made of jewels.
If you want to wear this dress, why don´t you take it even to the next level, by adding more jewelry, what about indian jewelry, that can easliy go in the hair, forehead, and arms? WOuldn´t it be a sensacional look?

I chose this look beacause this is the color of the summer 2013, blue is the color, and its shades, from the lightest blue to the deepest.
The asymetric chest is still very exotic and sexy , always within the classic. Also the asymetric work in the bottom gives the look the femeninity and strenght for success.
The combination of light gold and blue is a winner for this summer,
Again, the dark mail polish still is a touch that I can´t really digest, this rock´n´roll color , doesn´t really work for me, I think the bare , the buff, even the beige , or gold , could have been a better choice.
By the way , I think the shoes really work for this dress, but I see that Georgina didn´t take the risk of taking the look to a next level.
I would love to add big rings, big hoops to just complete the sensuality of the dress.

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