Tuesday 24th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant


The holiday season approaches us, and we are always asking ourselves how are we going to dress in such a busy time of the year. Cocktails, parties; work dinners, and all involving the city look, is the time of the year when we get invited the most to go to most quantity of events ever. We are not talking about vacation, we are talking about the woman that works, we are talking about the women  that also combine fun and work .


Ultramoderne, this is the contrast of textures, we mean the mix of the fur and the sequin. The sequin is back with force, and we show the dress by DOLCE AND GABBANA that has a short cut, so the piece of fur by EMILIO PUCCI will kill the drama that has already by itself, and at the same time we can show a little leg with the  magnificent leather boots that also roll down, they are by GIANVITO ROSSI

The hat by EMILIO PUCCI gives the seventies feeling that HEDI SLIMANE gave us in his last show, and the leather CELINE leather bag. This is a mix of a lot of decades that work together as a whole look.


The pencil skirt , mega modern. If you are a women’s woman and feline, you are going to have a blast wearing this strong outfit, it is mega evening, it is also a very conservative in terms of not showing the skin. You gotta have a lot courage to wear this sexy look.  We think it is so beautiful to do the contrast of the femenine and masculine in this acclaimed look that makes us think like a real woman.


We totally see VIRGINIE MOUZAT wearing this look, the femeninity of the skirt made in sequin , paired down with the femenine shirt made of silk by DOLCE AND GABBANA this is the typical bourgoise blouse that evoques CATHERINE DENEUVE in BELLE DE JOUR, but this time is revisited in a modern cut, and a little see through. For the real women out there. Then the DOLCE AND GABBANA skirt, in sequin does the sculpting job, shaping the hips in the most femenine way.

CELINE does the final touch with their masculine cut of this great smoking jacket that does the sleek number.


The evening gown, and the energy is the contrast of the two pieces. This the girl that has a lot of evening parties; but is not afraid to combine. We think this is a modern way to mix the evening and the military style, I find it a thousand times better than wearing the typical and boring pashmina, so seen and so tiring everywhere, We decided to kill that look before it becomes a classic, that’s why we are presenting this new and fresh look to wear evening gowns.

The evening gown is MARCHESA RED CARPET, and the jacket is by BURBERRY PRORSUM. The jacket is perfect for all women, modern and classic, all of them, they will look modern. Guys, you shouldn’t  be scared of contrasting colors and textures to kill the drama of the outfits, the contrast of looks and style, brings the strenght, We authorized this look, the only warning!!!! Respect your shape, that’s the only thing that counts in modern stylisme.


For us ; this the new way of wearing the smoking. The tricolor look. the pencil skirt by EMILIO PUCCI and the pointy shoes by GIANVITO ROSSI in glossy black leather, this is the look of the glamourous women. We want glamour and the glitter calls it bigtime. This is a very classic shape , a very conservative look that became modern through the glitter skirt that pumps up the volume for night time, and let us have fun. We think it looks killer with the tuxedo/smoking jacket by ELMILO PUCCI. The clue is by wearing simple classic shapes in daring and adventurous fabrics, this is what modernizes the shape without being vulgar; all the way round, we end up looking freshly sexy, the way we want to look right here, right now.


This a daytime look but makes us feel night time too. This is the silhouette of the trendy girl with style, the trendy girl that adpated the look to real life taking the trends to a secondry level, and letting her personality shine through.

We see EMMANUELLE ALT wearing this look over the holidays, no problem. We destroyed the JBRAND jeans, we cut them, and we custom made it just for the picture, and then we cut them and customize them depending on the client , just in the strategic places to flatter the client’s figure.

The shirt is really open for a sexy touch, it is by DOLCE AND GABBANA. Also we wanted the structure of the coat to be the star of the look which is by BURBERRY PRORSUM. The association of all this together  is perfect for a girl that dresses and takes hours dressing up but wants to make it look like she took ten minutes, very typical here in PARIS , where girls study their looks , their hair and makeup with such precise strategy that fool everyone, making us believe they look great by nature, when the thruth is the opposite.  The shoes are by BURBERRY PRORSUM . This is a very important trend when it comes to white, it is very present in the winter, and it is installing itself in everyone’s wardrobe, white is going to be in everyone’s wardrobe .This look is for the girls who are not scared of themselves, girls who dare.







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  1. Frederique Dedet 10 novembre 2012 at 7 h 55 min

    Clair et précis , élégant et précis…Parfait !

  2. Frederique Dedet 10 novembre 2012 at 7 h 56 min

    Clair et précis, élégant et sexy

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