Thursday 19th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant

20150513_ATLF_0005 copieThe cashmere universe turns urban punk with a touch of sports wear and a sexy nineties feeling, the cuissards by GIVENCHY, and the BALMAIN shorts. This this the oversized cashmere cardigan by STROKE. The bra is by LOST ART BY JORDAN BETTEN.


20150513_ATLF_0183 copieThe art of makeup is just to give a strength to the eyes by stroking a japanese like eyeliner that resembles black ink and the post punk style which gives attitude and femininity to any woman.


20150513_ATLF_0298 copieBelt by LOST ART BY JORDAN BETTEN, the puffy skirt by ALBERT FERRETTI, and the sportive fitted black sweater with mini pagoda sleeves by STROKE.


20150513_ATLF_0481 copie

Cashmere hoodie and shorts by STROKE.

20150513_ATLF_0722 copieCashmere oversized cardigan and neck warmer by STROKE, flares by BALMAIN and shoes by STELLA MC CARTNEY.


20150513_ATLF_0781 copie

Cashmere sleevless sweater and pants by STROKE, bag and pumps by GIVENCHY.


20150513_ATLF_0926 copieBody and belt by GIVENCHY, Cashmere sweater by STROKE.


Styling by SOPHIE LEVY

DA, Makeup and Hair  by SERGIO CORVACHO



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