Tuesday 24th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant


Stylist SOPHIE LEVY created a new look ; there is no season, and no date for this timeless look, SOPHIE wanted to create a style that belongs to the world, not to just a particular city with a particular feeling. This a look that can be worn by everyone on earth, starting with you.

The pants are by JBRAND, and SOPHIE LEVY did her typical customization. She wants the strings; the horizontal cuts, and the baroque style that came to our present days. Destoryed or not; the skinny is the styme of denim we should all have in our closets, it is a classic.

SOPHIE LEVY added a strass sleeve that belongs to her personal archives, to her vintage collection. It is by CHRISTOPHE DECARNIN, who used to create for BALMAIN. The sleeve affirms the rock’n’roll espirit of the girl, sophisticated and firece at the same time.

This styling is simple, and easy to wear, SOPHIE added as a final touch the oversize men’s blazer by CELINE , SOPHIE did this to make it chic and not evident to our fashion eyes, that could be already poluted by looking at so many lookbooks. The belt is by HTC LOS ANGELES, it brings the look to a little bit country; and a little bit rock’n’roll.


Model MAGDA wears a rock’n’roll eye, to start with the look, SERGIO CORVACHO, the makeup artist and also journalist of this spread , added just a one minute eyeliner in black to emphasize the tough and reckless look that SOPHIE LEVY wanted to explain.

This is the perfecto that CHRISTOPHE DECARNIN created for his BALMAIN years. SOPHIE LEVY doesn’t really care about the latest sream of fashion, she believes in every piece as a weapon of style; as a way to communicate through clothes, and she affirms that the style is not depending on the latest BALMAIN, it depends on the right BALMAIN, the right piece for your body, and for your personality.



This is how SOPHIE LEVY sees the evening look, the NIGHT TIME ROCK PRINCESS.

The idea is concentrating in the simple styling, the lack of jewelry is also a clue.

JAY AHR is the name of the designer who created this evening gown. SOPHIE added the angel wings by CHRISTOPHE DECARNIN, he created this piece as a replacement to the classic vest, this angel wings add the cinematic feeling and the poetic world that brings the rock’n’roll, and she insists that the secret of the look is based on the simplicity of the style and the NO JEWELRY used.



This is the rock’n’roll goddess , the rock’n’roll bride.

This is the tulle dress with no boundaries when it comes around the volume around her. We can totally imagine this dress as a bride’s gown, just by the simplicity and the fantasy shown at the same time.

We can get marrued in several cultures and countries according to SOPHIE LEVY, who added a touch of fantasy picking this style from the woenderful girls of MARCHESSA. This dress is modern and screams femininity.



STYLING                   :  SOPHIE LEVY

D.P                              :  GONZALO MACHADO









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