Tuesday 24th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant


Andrea Feick posing for Sergio Corvacho, she has a treasure collection from LOST ART.

What a wonderful way to enjoy a presentation, with a view like that , anybody gets inspired.

Jordan Betten, Andrea Feick, Jim Goldstein with his girlfriend and Sophie Levy.
A wonderful and poetic band was playing while we were dreaming with the pieces.

Suave and classic menswear jacket in phyton

This is a quick display on what Jordan is capable to do as well with accesories, they are so cool and classic, they will never get out of style just for the same reason they are itselves, they have attitude , and they are one of a kind.


One of the most sexy pieces, this vest that shares snakeskin with a connection of chains that pull together the openness of the piece making it easy and sensual at the same time, this piece looks wonderful with any of the capes that Jordan makes.
Then , all of a sudden we meet the man behind the art, the one and only Jordan BEtten , who looks more like a contemporary dancer, someone who we will definetely find at the Burning Man event that happens in the american deserts, he is so cool and nice. With him was VOGUE SPAIN editor Mariola Kugler , who declared herself a fan at first sight. Mariola is the type of girl who is not going to be happy with just the typical designers and predicable fashion, she is going beyond to find the perfect and best kept secret, and this is Jordan Betten. We love him at ATLF aswell.
And who do we see when we enter the amazing traditional quintessential Paris apartment? Definetely the one and only Sophie Levy, who was one of the people in charge of that event, bringing all her allure and also her clientele to enjoy a little bit of fresh fashion at the end of a heavy fahsion week which is the one from Paris , definetely the best fashion week of them all, but also , the heaviest one, counting that there is always more than five great and big designers showing per day. This way we refresh by a new kind of glamour.

Ladies and gentleman, we are happy to introduce our staff of stylists and personal shoppers at at the shop, we were so excited they showed interest , and came to the presentation, obviously this was a hit, they loved LOST ART as much as we did!.

In a very typical parisian hall, we started to feel the energy coming from somewhere different than France´s traditional and chic style, we were going to meet a new kind of style, the meaning of rock , organic and soul has two words , LOST ART.


Walking up the stairs , we start to feel even more the vibes from the room we were going to, several women , girls and guys were all walking up with us, and there was a big difference between them and us, they were wearing already their custom made luxurious pieces by JORDAN BENNETT, they looked sexy yet rock, modern yet classic, luxurious yet cool. IT made us feel we wanted it too.





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