Thursday 19th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant




This is the pajama pants, and MATTHEW added a touch that made this look sophisticated. This Combination of Navy Blue and the White pajama pants has an structure that calls elegance. He has succeed in getting the intimate look outside the beroom, and now the girls are going to be able to feel comfortable and chic at the same time without being embarrased by a PAJAMA.

Again, the navy blue is a very important color this season, and I think is here to stay, it flatters the elegance within every women´s soul.

He doesn´t forget the girl wearing his clothes, he brings fun and excitement, and with this pants he is stating that the flow is the personality of the summer.


Exotic, and tropical, the effect of color in the hip area starts with a tie-die that subtlely becomes a forest in a far jungle somewhere in Asia, he is giving us the element of the tropics by printing geografic motives in his pieces. This piece makes us dream, and I am planning to come to London and see this collection in real life, I am so curious now by the nowness that he has in the collection.

I am proud to state that I was the first parisien that bought his collection ever in France, and I feel the same excitement right now.


I confirm that it is INDIA that sets the tone, it is the color blue that remains intact in his collection. HE is bringing sexy, and I love him for his love to dress the woman with a sexy touch.

The structure of the look has the city touch that an ethnic look could have sometimes. It is magical the effect of the belt , it has the selling point and the definition of the waist makes it evening. The veil in the back has the femenine effect that touches romance at the same time, a camuflage to the silhouette. The ceremony feeling also transforms the look into something we could wear at a summer wedding.

The explotion of blue in this look , states that color is his strenght still, and the obvious goodbye to his signature » FLUO ».

He is not afraid to play with patterns , colors,and shapes, and I respect him because he has suceeded at bringing back hios original woman, the woman that is not scared of herself.


The color, it just takes my breath away.


A new way to wear the miniskirt, I would love to wear this , and it doesn´t make me feel scare to go out like this. The skirt has a beautiful embroidery that evoques again the ethnic and the pattern. This look is also perfect for a dinner out, on vacation, a cocktail, and the effect « exotic carpet » brings down the obvious sex appeal that a mini skirt could have.


It is just perfect to close the shirt all the way to the neck. The platform shoe has a marvelous shape, and the combination of the gold and the bright blue just makes the shoe modern and a new way to be on platforms, a height that is here to stay.

This piece is a masterpiece of WILLIAMSON. This is a dress, the top, the job he has done is not an easy choice, there is compromise, and time he has invested. There is every material involved in this dress. I am in love with the work and the love stroy there is between the dress and the creator.

I see this dress on RIHANNA, and I am sure she could look like a goddess in a minute.

Th association of color is working perfectly, the blue and the gold, the SHIVA look, Mr SHIVA puts his presence fiercely evoquing his beliefs in this sexy creation that makes wonders for women.

Very classic shape, and basic in our wardrobes, just became a star by the association of color and textures.


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