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Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant



For so many years, the black dress has been an sure value of women’s wardrobes, giving them confidence and sex appeal right away. It makes you look skinny, rock’n’roll and glamourous. Women from all the classes, neighborhoods, countries and races, love and swear by black, and we wanted to do a special segment that will comment on the latest and newest collections all over the fashion cities. We selected the most significant looks, for their newness, freshness and alternative shapes and cuts. We targeted the evening; and the silhouettes rather than the day time, it is more complicated to help a girl find the right dress for the evening than a day time jacket, so we decided to explain why and when; who and how.

Alhtough black wasn’t at all the color of the season, the trend of the moment, or the color that we have to wear. Don’ t worry about the trends, they come and go, wether black is our best friend, he will stay always next to us. For an emergency dress, for a last minute dinner, for an event we didn’t plan, for a last minute vacation, weekend or date, we can count always with BLACK,

But, very important to know:

The right black is the key, and when we say the right black , we mean, silhouette, shape and texture, structure is also important, and flattering the body is what really finally matters, as opposed to just wear black cause it’s black.

And to start , we picked a newcomer, a designer that loves to flaunt the women’s body to it’s best:



On ANJA RUBIK, the blond sexy polish model , he did the sexy touch. It is just the dream dress, for the woman that assumes their sexy side, this piece is really honest , and I say yes to this choice, this is the expresion of the sultry woman.

What I see in this dress is the sex appeal to its best, but I don’ t see accesories, I don’ see gold, and I can feel the fear of the designer to accesorize, I feel the stylist was afraid to dare, and to express the woman that will wear this dress. Women have to stop being afraid and ashamed of their shapes and curves, instead of being shy about it, we should play and flirt with such an array of choices to accesorize and express their femininity, guys love that, and they want to go out with the sexiest  girl, the most beautiful girl and that comes with the confidence within us, and we have to start by accepting our bodies and shapes, and flatter it to us first; and then to the rest.




We see the crochet, the net, lace, and a lot of openness . This is an agressive dress, not necessarily glamour, but a lot of rock’n’roll and an animalistic girl.

I see a girl like RIHANNA wearing this outfit, this is the amazon woman who is comfortable with her body, a girl that works out, and flaunts her body, her legs, her hips.

The touch we would add is the sandal that we saw at the JOSEPH ALTUZARRA show, who I was completey shocked by, but for this dress is totally in tune with, the warrior sandal that dances perfectly well with this kind of daring and sexy number. Other than that, this dress is a must in the wardrobe of a girl who is not afraid to flaunt.


We are in love with this dress, this is a version of sexy for the bourgois girl, the girl that would suggest rather than show too much. The cut of this dress, in trapeze is friendly with a lot of body types. This is the japanese sexy  touch of the evening, but as many of our choices,  we are going to say what would have been better.

The veil is to closed , to claustrophobic for the legs, and when this dress arrives to our shop, we will make a cut just where the legs touch the fabric, and instead of blocking the legs, we will liberated to make it flow even more, and show femininity once again. The designers bring the energy, and the women’s job to adapt the fashion to their unique personalities and bodies, the trend is universal, but every girl is unique. Designers haveto remember the girl, ça y est !!!.


This is a very strong runway look, very winter looking, very dark, fearless, chinese. This is an avant garde touch for the summer, to see a piece like this in the middle of the sring-summer collections. We love this inspiration, this is a delirant look, and we can appropriate this outfit for its strangeness, and a look to the future.

All this associations together make what GARETH PUGH is, this is the beautiful example of the dress that you buy immediately when it comes out for sale in february, instead of waiting for the summer , you can wear it the minute you get out of the store, with the dress on, why not. This is the woman that dares, and loves to try new things. Conclusion: GARETH PUGH dared, and created a result pleasurable for him, and for his clients.


The knit work is what caught our eyes, the day time silhouette of the season, we are in love with this outfit, is the day time version of what we love seeing at night, from home to work, and from work to dinner, without coming back home to change, isn’t that amazing and easy?  one look , two diferent activities;

Love the combonation of the crochet and the vinilized leather, is definetely seventies, and the touch of the thick and urban sandal-boot is what  modernizes the look, a modern gladiator that goes out to cut power deals with power shots.



The urban amazon, she is ethnic, and that is determined by her hair, and this dress is finalizing our choice, all works together, all the concepts, and the style, is all connected, and we can tell that the style is targeting the evening ; the nightlife, and be very careful bringing this looks to the day time, unless you want to do the PROENZA look, which is a transitional look.

Girls, you have to understand that black , just because is black doesn’t mean you can wear anything that is black, as long as you are creative with your pieces, and your silhouettes, and you can experiment this shapes, these shapes have been carefully hand picked by us, and they totally express the femenity and modernity of the women of today.











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  1. MAGALY SANCHEZ 22 octobre 2012 at 17 h 31 min

    Me ha fascinado leer reportaje de Sergio Corvacho, es realmente cautivador, muy específico y sobre todo, de gran calidad.

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