Tuesday 24th May 2022,
Sophie Levy | Private Fashion Consultant


This look comes right from the catwalk of VIONNET, this is a marvelous look, correct, and totally avant-garde, it is a look that looks amazing in both worlds, runway and street. But this is a total look, and I felt the need to customize the look to my needs to my looks, to a diferent body, a diferent girl. I am not saying that you have to copy it the way I am interpreting it. It just to let you know that I am conscious of my body, and that you can adapt it to your body and taste as well.

This piece of fur has to be wore in a different way also, and I decided to show you how to wear it in a cooler way, because the street has different codes. I would that the brand VIONNET is a combination of CELINE and CHLOE put together in a friendlier way.

I validate this look because of:

I loved the mix between the structure of the pencil skirt, really tight; really feminine opposed to the modernity of the top, the zipper is in the back, and it has a dual way to wear it. I see this look paired with the GIANVITO ROSSI shoes , the really high boots. I think the low boots are over, so stay away from them.




I decided to change the base of the color; and I picked the white, it makes the fur look dynamic, and we all want to wear white in the winter. Also, I dynamized the outfit with the black boots to give them a sexy touch,

I replaced the dark shirt, and refreshed the outfit with a white shirt as well. To add a fresh touch as well, the GIVENCHY bag in orange crush makes it real life and friendly, colorful with a personal touch, just to be creative and stay away from the predictable black bag. To me the clue is to be tricolor, it has the chic factor that makes it a knockout on the street. The belt by HTC LOS ANGELES just reinforces the look of the white denim.

And finally the boots by DSQUARED just give the winter feeling, they are made to be worn rolled down , or in their original display at the fashion show.


This dress is just a wonderful construction of art, and in styling this look is perfect! But a normal girl, my normal client who works, who takes care of kids, and who really doesn’t care about fashion, couldn’t really put together a real life version. So I started putting looks together around this look, I love this look, but I want to keep the DOLCE AND GABANNA woman within.

So I decided to do this:





I decided to mix black, white and gold.

How to wear the white jeans over the winter, this a mith that a lot of women like to be against, white during the winter could be the chicest choice and the freshest way to start the fall, but how to convince this women? Very simple!

1.- You select White as a base and it is the touch of color that will make this look look more appropiate for the season.

2.-  I decided to used the cape in vison by DOLCE AND GABANNA just because is the piece of the season, is totally modern and it really makes it fresh again, it is all about being fresh , and step ahead of what we see on the runways and on the street; I get to do that by pleasing my body first, and not by being a fashion victim, nor a fashion whore that masturbates with labels rather than flatter my silhouette, which is what is going to make me feel hot, sexy and appropriate.


This is the PUCCI fashion show, and this skirt is an atomic bomb of hotness and chicness, the pencil skirt again, with a sexy touch that goes from day to night, more feminine, opened and very important for any women wardrobe. Now to go to the street with it we need to dynamize it.

The runway look is a little hard , a little too erotic for the street , but we make it easier for you in the look below:

Here, the sam skirt I was talking about in the post above, but there is an approach to real life that PUCCI didn’t show in the runway. So I decided to make the look cooler and easier with the little boot by GIVENCHY, it makes it younger and more accesible, I won’t recommend the pumps, it will go to an erotic universe that we don’t really need to share outside, at work or on the streets.

If you don’ understand this look, just pop your question in my question areas , and I will tell you exactly how to make it happen depending your body shape.

Again, the cape by DOLCE AND GABANNA, and the PUCCI shirt, complete the silhouette taking the runway look to a soft interpretation ready to go to work , a power meeting or just to hang out with your friends at some chic cafe.

CROSBY DEREK LAM makes an appearance editorially, just perfect, and sexy. But this editorial look is a little unreal, we will be dying of cold if we decide to go out.

The perfect combination of the three colors, the basis of my fashion theory.

Below, is my interpretation of how I would wear this look in real life, instead of in front of the camera, and to take the stylist tweeks that made it photogenic.

Here I am going to do the reverse, I am going to take this look from understated to a total glamour shock that can make an impact on the streets, evening allows all fashion risks, and gold was made for the evening, it really belongs to it.

I took the gold to the next level; and for real life


The gold is going on right now as an important color, and this color brings the energy to real life, this is the  way I go out after work, a little change of the shoes and skirt, and I am ready to swell. The skirt is by DOLCE AND GABANNA, and the shoes by CELINE, I know I am going to be criticized, but this is the luxurious girl that will be going out to a very important evening look, this is a look of a star. The fur vest is by DEREK LAM.

I found this transformation very challenging ; and I am here to reveal, to unveil, and to propose new things ; new takes, and new ways to wear classics, to push the envelope, and to be controversial. Big kiss to all of you , and thank you so much for all your support , that means everything for my team and I.




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  1. Paola 10 octobre 2012 at 19 h 33 min

    Fantastisch!! Viele Antworten an die Frage für nächster Winter!

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